About Me

Hard work beats talent.

I am not a full time artist nor have I been schooled to be one. However I love to sketch and paint. Most of my work is performed with oils and acrylics. However I have recently been experimenting with digital art.

My digital art is performed in open source painting and photo manipulating applications such as Gimp, Krita and myPaint. (See links below for more information about those.) I currently have Cintiq 24HD which is connected to my Linux powered computer.


I have recently started a blog about art performed in Linux. The blog will contain some painting tutorials and installation guides. Check it out:


I work as a researcher at SwereaKIMAB in Stockholm. My main areas are finite element analysis and mechanical testing. I have started a blog about some of the FE work I do:


- B.Sc. Product Development and Design (MAH Malmö)
- M.Sc. Product Development and Materials (JTH Jönköping)
- Master thesis "Finite Element Simulation of Electro Hydraulic Forming Into a Die" at SwereaKIMAB and KTH (Stockholm)

My Philosophy

Hard work is beats talent.

Everyone can draw and paint. All it takes is work and patience. By working hard one can achieve amazing things.

My Equipment

Open Source is a part of Freedom. I use Linux!

-Cintiq 24HD
- Gnome Shell 3
- Krita
- Gimp
- MyPaint

The conventional art is performed mainly with ether acrylics or oils on canvas.

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